Introducing the Radiology Associates
new Referring Physician Portal
The Radiology Associates Royal MD Physician Portal is an online service created for:
Accessing the New Royal MD Physician Portal
To access the new Radiology Associates Physician Portal go to:

This new portal will automatically launch images in the iConnect Access site; however if you still wish to log in directly to that site you may do so from the URL below:
IConnect Access Physician Image Portal

If you do not have a login, please contact our IT Department at 361-561-3024. Each individual that needs access must have their own UNIQUE user id which is normally their email address.

If you do not have an email address you will not be able to reset your own password, but we can still provide you a login to access the portal.

All users must have a current web portal access form on file. If you need to update your portal access form you can access it from our website at:

One of the practice physicians will need to sign this form and all users who they are authorizing to access this site on their behalf must be listed.

Please specify in your access request which staff members are allowed to order on behalf of which physicians.