A Chest PET/CT Scan at Radiology Associates; What to Expect.
What is a PET/CT scan?
PET, or Positron Emission Tomography, is used primarily to detect the presence and severity of cancers. PET works by using a glucose radiotracer that is detected by a small camera to measure the way sugar is being used by the body. Because cancer cells function and grow faster, they use more sugar than normal cells. PET can be used to diagnose, stage, and restage cancer. It can also monitor the body's response to a wide array of therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Computed Tomography, known as CT or CAT scan, uses computers and x-rays to produce images of the inside of the body. CT imaging is used to show more detail of soft tissue, like the brain, as well as dense tissue, like bone. Multiple CT images are stacked like slices of a loaf of bread.

By combining PET and CT technology and fusing the images, Radiology Associates is able to create the highest quality images to detect abnormalities or cancer … better and earlier.
How to Prepare for your PET/CT scan:
A PET/CT specialist will contact you at least one day prior to your exam to provide you with specific details about your exam. They will talk to you about your diet, withholding certain medications, and minimizing strenuous activities before the exam.
What to wear to a PET/CT exam: