A Brain CT at Radiology Associates; What to Expect.
What is CT?
Computed Tomography, known as CT or a CAT scan, uses X-ray images to produce a three-dimensional image of your body. It produces a more detailed image than conventional x-ray. CT imaging is used to show more detail of soft tissue, like the brain, as well as dense tissue, like bone. Multiple CT images are stacked like slices of a loaf of bread.

A "contrast" is used in CT:
CT scans often require the use of a liquid to help see the body and its organs and any abnormalities better. It is called "contrast." You may drink the special liquid or have it injected. The contrast will be removed from your body through normal urination and bowel movements.
How to prepare for your CT abdomen exam:
How to prepare for your CT pelvis exam:
Your PET/CT results?
After the procedure, your examination will be read and interpreted by one of our board-certified radiologists who specializes in CT. Our radiologist will share the results with your doctor, and your doctor will provide you with results.