A Mammogram at Radiology Associates; What to Expect.
What is a mammogram?
A mammogram is an image of your breast taken with a safe, low-dose X-ray machine. It's the most effective exam for early detection of breast cancer.

There are two types of mammography exams: screening and diagnostic. A routine screening mammogram is performed when you have no symptoms and should start between the ages of 35 and 40. A diagnostic mammogram is performed if there is concern regarding your breasts such as a lump or if a screening mammogram requires additional information.
How to prepare for your mammogram:
What to wear to your mammogram:
Your mammogram results?
After your procedure, your examination will be read and interpreted by one of our board-certified radiologists who specializes in mammography. He or she will look for any abnormalities or cancers. Our radiologists will share the results with your doctor, and your doctor will provide you with results.